Art, that's what I want to do.

Curios journey!

Quite a long time ago, a toddler with her way too big overalls on, fingerpaint on her cheek, a wide smile on her face, happy creativity all-around kitchen table, insisting that she just obviously painted a pig on a flowerbed.

Today, still paint all over her, still with a wide smile, still particularly happy when creating something beautiful, powerful, touching, or delightful.

Most of my pieces are abstract, but exceptions do occur from time to time! The most important source of inspiration for me is nature, but I try and keep my eyes open wherever I go, because inspiration residents everywhere, as long as one remembers to see!

The smell of coffee and creativity is at its strongest when the rest of the world is asleep. Warm light glimmers through the atelier's window to the dawn or dusk of the coming or going day, the dog snores heavily on my feet, and I enjoy the moment with great gratitude.